Film Fiji is thrilled to have hosted Accelerator Program, held with the unwavering support of the Fijian government! Minister for Trade, Manoa Kamikamica, reaffirmed the government’s commitment to fostering Fiji’s burgeoning film industry during the program’s grand finale – the Demo Day.

The Producers Accelerator Cohort with DPM Honourable Manoa Kamikamica, Film Fiji Board Chairperson Culden Kamea & Denise Eriksen from Media Mentors Australia. Image : FBC

Designed to empower local filmmaking talent, the Producers Accelerator Program provided mentorship, training, and a platform for aspiring producers to showcase their projects. The program aligns perfectly with the government’s vision, as highlighted by Minister Kamikamica, who emphasized Fiji’s vital role in promoting and developing the nation’s audio-visual industry.

A Showcase of Storytelling Potential

The program’s finale – the Demo Day – saw 15 passionate producers pitch their diverse projects to a panel of esteemed international industry experts.  From chilling horror-slashers to heartwarming comedies, the pitches showcased the rich tapestry of storytelling potential waiting to be unleashed in Fiji.

After careful consideration based on a specific set of criteria, the judges selected four standout projects. These exceptional producers impressed with not only their creativity and passion but also their adherence to the program’s guidelines, ensuring their projects possess the strongest potential for success.

A Major Boost for Rising Stars

Each of these four winning producers received a $5,000 grant to kickstart their dream projects. This financial boost made possible through support by the European Union in the Pacific through the ACP-EU Programme, facilitated by Pacific-Community-SPC, will be instrumental in propelling their visions forward and bringing their captivating stories to life.


Fenton Lutunatabua: ‘Lullaby’
Paulini Turagabeci: ‘Na Ua Loka (The Tidal Wave)’
Amelia Rigsby: ‘Queens of the Night’
Adi Tulia Nacola: ‘Valu’

Celebrating Fijian Filmmaking

The Producers Accelerator Program is a testament to Film Fiji’s unwavering commitment to nurturing Fiji’s budding filmmaking ecosystem.  Beyond the individual successes, the program fosters a sense of community and collaboration among local filmmakers. The Demo Day provided a platform for these rising stars to gain valuable feedback, network with potential collaborators, and propel their projects to the next stage.

The Future is Bright

The stories waiting to be told in Fiji are as vast and diverse as the islands themselves. Through initiatives like the Producers Accelerator Program, and with the government’s continued support, Film Fiji is empowering local filmmakers to bridge cultures, leave a lasting impact, and share their unique narratives with the world.

We extend a heartfelt thank you to the European Union, SPC (The Pacific Community), Media Mentors Australia, and everyone involved in making this program a resounding success.  Stay tuned for more updates on these exciting new projects and the continued journey of Fiji’s remarkable filmmaking talent!


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