We work every day to build a healthy, thriving Audio Visual industry that becomes a key player in improving the future for all Fijians.

Film Fiji is the film commission of the Republic of Fiji, tasked with managing the government’s filming incentives. The commission provides location services, administers the rebate process, grants film permits and facilitates necessary approvals from authorities such as the tax department, immigration and other government departments.


Film Fiji also provides advice on production budgets and assists with administrative procedures, with the aim of making the business of filmmaking exciting, stress-free, and ultimately positioning Fiji as one of the most sought-after film destinations in the world.

As a government statutory body, Film Fiji has a large network of local stakeholders who are directly involved in the film industry, ensuring that production companies have a pleasant experience while shooting in Fiji.


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We believe in the power of the Audio Visual Language

We know how important it is to help you tell your stories, so we at Film Fiji will accompany you during every step of your journey to ensure that you receive all the support required while filming in our beautiful country.

To further assist production companies, Film Fiji has a number of licensed audio visual agents that offer a range of services including logistical support, accounting services and legal services, to name a few.

Our team

Ramiro Tenorio image

Ramiro Tenorio


With over 16 years of experience in the industry, Mr. Tenorio has worked across multiple aspects of the  audio-visual industry and has a track record of working effectively as a Film Producer, Director, Entrepreneur and University Teacher.


Jone Robertson

Production & Logistics Executive

Jone makes sure all productions have a smooth operation while shooting in Fiji.









Elizabeth George

Incentives & Compliance Officer

Elizabeth relates in every aspect of incentives, procedures, documentation and compliance.

Sheetal Lodhia_s

Sheetal Lodhia

Communications Marketing Officer

Sheetal oversees our communications and public relations. She writes and distributes content to transmit both internationally and nationally the work done by the commission, and she is the point of contact for media inquiries.


Jone Tikoca

Admin & Finance Manager

Jone oversees all aspects related to Film Fiji’s administration, finance and HR.


Shafil Mohammed

Digital Marketing Officer

Shafil oversees all aspects of the Commission’s Digital presence. He plans, develops and implements the Commission’s Digital Marketing Strategy.

Sanjesni Devi

Office Admin

Sanjesni is in charge of the clerical and administrative tasks at Film Fiji. She coordinates meetings and appointments, and she is the point of contact for all administration related enquiries.

Our Board


Shaenaz Voss                        


CEO Fiji Link & Fiji Airways Executive Manager Customer Experience, Industry Affairs, International and Government Affairs, Corporate Affairs & PR and Communications


Shaheen Ali                                   

Board Member

Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Commerce, Trade, Tourism and Transport


Timaima Vakadewabuka

Board Member

Principal Legal Officer, Solicitor General’s Office


Sakiusa Bolaira                     

Board Member

Regional General Manager & Company Secretary,
Unit Trust of Fiji (Management) Ltd



Shammi Lochan                   

Board Member

Radio Station Manager,
Fiji Broadcasting Corporation




Muni Ratna                                 

Board Member

Tax Consultant
(Retired Fiji Revenue Customs Service Director)
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