Film Fiji Audio Visual Lab (FFAVLab)​

We help imagine and develop the future of the Audio Visual Industry in Fiji.

FFAVLab develops and implements new Audio Visual projects in collaboration with other stakeholders of Fiji’s public and private sector with the core objective of bringing significant economic value to the future of Fiji’s economy.

Script Development Program

This program aims to jump-start a thriving base of Fijian scriptwriters, therefore supporting the development of a local Film industry capable of portraying unique Fijian voices on the screen.

Producers Accelerator Program

Designed to equip local Film Producers with the necessary skills needed to find financing and coproduction partners for films, short films, animation, or documentary projects from Fiji.

Media Learning School Program

Digital resources for educators in Fiji regarding audiovisual tools, processes, and technics.

Fiji International Film Festival (FIFF)

A selection of local and international awarded short films made available to audiences in Fiji.

AV Panels

Conversations with filmmakers, industry experts, educators and the public sector about the future of the audio visual industry.

Film Club

A series of meetings celebrating the art of filmmaking by revisiting world-known films.

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