Fiji’s culture is a rich mosaic of Indigenous, Indian, Chinese, Pacific and European traditions. The diversity of ethnic groups mean that we have people available locally for casting options. We have an educated work force and our people are multi-skilled. English is the official business language.

Film productions utilising the film tax rebate must demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Minister responsible for Film Fiji that it will:

  • Engage the services of Fiji citizens (or residents) in the film; and
  • Utilise technicians, students and technical facilities at the Film School at Fiji National University (FNU) or any other specified local institutions.


Film Fiji also provides regular skill-based training to individuals in order to equip them to work in large productions in numerous capacities.

In addition, it maintains a database of experienced local crew, which production companies may access.

There is also an extensive online locations gallery that provides various location options to filmmakers.

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