About AV Agents

Fiji has a long history in the audio visual industry going back to films like The Adorable Outcast (1928), The Blue Lagoon (1949) and His Majesty O’Keefe (1954, starring Burt Lancaster). Box office hits like The Blue Lagoon (1980, starring Brooke Shields), Return to the Blue Lagoon (1991 starring Milla Jovovich), Cast Away (2000, starring Tom Hanks) and TV hits like the award winning Tv series by CBS US Survivor and other branches of the Survivor series (French Survivor, Australia Survivor and many others) have called Fiji their home for many successful seasons. Our more recent feature films include amongst others STX’s Adrift and “Fantasy Island” by Blumhouse.

Fiji’s increasing popularity as a filming location prompted the Fijian Government to establish through Film Fiji the Licensing of Audio Visual Agents. These regulations were created to ensure that international productions can find in Fiji service providers that operate to the highest standards required by Film and Tv productions.

To participate, potential Audio Visual Agents provide evidence to the Government of their ability to offer the required specialised service.

Once adequate proof is provided, the service providers are given a license to operate as Audio Visual Agents. This license is reviewed/renewed every two years.

Fiji’s current Audio Visual agents provide international productions support in a number of areas including, but not limited to, accounting, legal, logistical services as well as all other required assistance to ensure the completion of a successful production.

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