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An applicant that wants to film in Fiji but does not wish to access any of the filming incentive must also apply to Film Fiji for a film permit. Application must include the Application for Filming Permit Form, passport details of cast & crew, flight itinerary and list of filming equipment.

To access the Film Tax Rebate, the Applicant has to write a letter of application to Film Fiji giving information required by Rule 8 and Schedule 1 of the Film Tax Rebate Rules 2004.

Once the Film is completed, the Film Company applies to Film Fiji for a Final Certificate, which includes a set of Audited Accounts.

An Applicant must apply to Film Fiji for a Provisional Certificate stating that a proposed Audio Visual Production (AVP) will, when complete, be a qualifying AVP.

An Application Form must be filled out and will include an Application Fee, Script or Synopsis, Budget in FJD, Completion Bond Certificate etc.

Within 6 months of the end of the AVP, the applicant should apply for a Final Certificate.

An Application Form for a Final Certificate must be filled out and will include an Application Fee, Detailed Expenditure Report, Independent Audit Report, Documents showing compliance with the Provisional Certificate, Shooting Script, DVDs of the completed production with the final end credits, Broadcast Masters, Copy of Press Kit, Full Cast & Crew List and addresses etc.

The tax incentive available to a licensed resident of the zone is a 100 percent corporate tax holiday for up to 10 years. Every intending resident must obtain a licence first prior to setting up within the zone.

Film Fiji is a government statutory body whose core task is to promote and develop the audio visual industry in Fiji. The legislation defining its scope and functions is the Film Fiji Act (2002).

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