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Film Fiji launched a new initiative called the Film Audio Visual Lab.  

The core objective to bring significant economic value to the future of Fiji’s economy and film industry. The initiative is done in partnership with stakeholders in the private and public sector. 

Under the umbrella of the Fiji Audio Visual Lab, Film Fiji has launched a new panel series titled Fiji’s Audio-Visual Landscape. The recorded conversations between members of the local industry aim to create an open space for dialogue where new opportunities for the sector might be identified.  

Film Fiji chief executive officer, Ramiro Tenorio, said: “We are very excited about these panel discussion series.

“It is an opportunity to bring people together in the industry, to join the dots and think outside the box.”   

The panel series which will showcase conversations with educators, producers, actors, crew and filmmakers. Fijian director Vilsoni Hereniko is also among panellists.  

Mr Hereniko in 2004 released the film, The Land Has Eyes.  Mr Hereniko’s film was shot in Rotuma with an all-first-time actor cast from the island.  

Academy Awards  

It is the only Fijian film to be officially presented to the Academy Awards thus far.  

Most recently, the film was featured at the Hawaii International Film Festival. Film Fiji’s training and development marketing officer, Shamal Singh, said it is an inspiration for the people of Fiji to produce films and stories such as The Land Has Eyes.  

“This is authentic to us as Fijians and displays our culture, skills and talent in the international arena,” said Mr Singh.

Source: Fiji Sun


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