Film Fiji Holds First-Ever Film Industry Connect

Aimed at connecting and providing networking opportunities, Film Fiji hosted the nation’s first Film Industry Connect event at Albert Park Pavilion. The event provided Audiovisual agents, production crew members, stakeholders, and industry-involved individuals the opportunity to connect and network with each other, in a bid toward gradual recovery and future plans for the impacted sector.

Film Fiji’s CEO, Ramiro Tenorio has stated that this was an opportunity for the
Audiovisual Industry to exchange ideas, reflect on the past year of Covid
lockdown and plan for the future of Fiji’s film industry.

Given the covid-19 pandemic lockdowns and restrictions in the past years 2020-2021, the local film industry had been tremendously impacted, and the event intended to bring those in the industry back onto their feet, gearing up for a strong recovery. The event drew focus on the gradual, comeback of the industry and shed light on the transparency of Film Fiji’s efforts during the lockdown.

“At the commission, we are determined to think outside the box and help Fiji on
its road to recovery by developing an industry that has been proven to be a
jump-starter of economies.”

“We can’t lose sight of the fact that the audio-visual sector brings much-needed high-speed spending from overseas investors, and the characteristics of the industry help the funds flow quickly into the sectors they reach.”

“The COVID-19 pandemic has been a stress test for the local industry and service providers, but we are working hard to come out of this pandemic better and stronger, and the only way to accomplish that is to work together. None of our different groups represented here today can do it alone. Please look around the room, this is the film and tv industry in Fiji when it comes to production service providers.”

“And we need each other.” Added Film Fiji’s CEO, Ramiro Tenorio.

The event saw a number of attendees from different sectors and was “a successful step in the right direction for the Film Commission and individuals in the industry. We are hopeful that this event marks the first of many to happen annually as a way to keep the industry connected.”

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