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Thursday 14 September 2017

Film Fiji organised a workshop on Locations Scouting on Friday 8 September in Suva. The one-day session was attended by 35 participants from the industry and those who are interested in the field. The workshop covered topics such as, technical and creative aspects of scouting for feature films, television and commercials, understanding locations and its filming aspects and the logistics of location scouting. Location Scouts are among the first people hired for an audio-visual production. They find, photograph, and secure shooting locations based on the script and requests of production.

The workshop was conducted by Mr. Clayton Tikao, a locations expert from Film Scouts New Zealand. Clayton has extensive experience in the field of Location Management and Locations, Scouting for film and TV. He has worked on a number of large-scale feature film productions which include; The Hobbit, An Unexpected Journey, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe and Pete’s Dragon.

Film Fiji CEO, Mr. Dallas Foon said, “location scouting is one of the key inputs for decision makers on whether to film in Fiji  and if Fiji can provide good scouts that can give. the right information to film makers professionally, it would certainly give us an advantage to bringing  productions to Fiji.”

Mr. Foon added that the scouting workshop was part of Film Fiji’s mandate to develop the audio visual industry. By providing knowledge and skillset training, Film Fiji hopes to grow the local resources available to film-makers to utilise.

Workshop facilitator, Mr. Clayton Tikao said:

“it was a joy interacting with the participants and I was very pleased with the participants’ level of experience and enthusiasm in the area of Location Scouting. Additionally, they were very actively involved in discussions and I can clearly see the potential for growth in this area.”

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