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Koh-Lanta (the French version of Survivor), was shot in Fiji this year in the Yasawa Islands. Koh Lanta has been a popular TV show in France since it first premiered in August 2001. This season’s show will air over a period of 3 months in France, with the first episode already aired at the beginning of September and is leading on all ratings targets, placing the Broadcaster number 1 in France.

Koh Lanta host, Denis Brogniart, told French TV Magazine “Tele Loisirs” that Fiji was a great location, adding that they had found “The most beautiful beach in the history of the show.”

When speaking to “Le Parisien” TV Magazine, Producer Alexia Laroche-Joubert said “I decided to send my team to the Fiji Islands as a matter of urgency, and one of my colleagues called me to say that he had found the most beautiful place that Koh-Lanta had known.”

Film Fiji CEO Mr. Dallas Foon said, “It was exciting to secure Koh Lanta, one of the most watched TV shows in France and Europe, for Fiji. They showcased Fiji beautifully in Europe.”

“During production, they employed up to 210 locals and boosted the economy in the Yasawa Islands immensely during the time they were there earlier this year,” added Mr. Foon.

Koh-Lanta is a French reality game show based on the popular, international competitive reality television series, Survivor. The series has been airing on France’s leading broadcasting group, TF1. Similar to its previous seasons, the show sees a group of contestants marooned on an isolated location, where they are divided into two “tribes”. They must then provide basic necessities for themselves for approximately 6 weeks and compete in challenges for rewards and immunity from elimination. The winner takes home a grand prize of €100,000 (FJ$240,600)

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