The Land Has Eyes

A conversation with Director, Cast & Crew

We are launching our new panel series: Fiji’s Audio Visual Landscape with this exciting conversation with some of the pioneers of the local filmmaking industry.

Vilsoni Hereniko is the writer and director of The Land Has Eyes, a drama feature film shot in Rotuma almost 20 years ago. Vilsoni’s film won numerous awards at international film festivals and it is, to date, the only Fijian film to be officially presented to the Academy Awards. Most recently the film was featured at the Hawaii International Film Festival.

We are thankful to the cast, crew, the producer and specially to the Director Vilsoni Hereniko for sharing with us some insight into the production process of the film.

In this panel discussion, we will hear some great insights on how this visually stunning film was created, and the admirable process that took place behind the scenes in a time when film resources and available infrastructure were in its early days.

The Land Has Eyes tells the story of a young South Pacific Island girl, Viki, played by first-time actress, 17-year-old Sapeta Taito. She must fight for justice after being shamed by her village for being poor and the daughter of a convicted thief. Her father reminds her that despite injustice, the land is vigilant and will eventually avenge any wrongdoing. The Rotuman mythological character “Warrior Woman,” played by Maori actress Rena Owen of Once Were Warriors, both haunts and inspires Viki to endure through her trials.

Featured in this panel discussion are Writer/Director Vilsoni Hereniko; Producer Jeannette Paulson Hereniko; Lead Actress Sapeta Koroi; Supporting Actor John Fatiaki Jnr; Set Designer/Costume and Make-up Artist Hupfeld Hoerder; Film Fiji’s Chief Executive Officer Ramiro Tenorio; and Film Fiji’s Training & Development Marketing Officer Shamal Singh.

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