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A conversation with Industry Experts

We are excited to release our second-panel series as part of Fiji’s Audio-Visual Landscape: a conversation involving experts and agents of our filmmaking industry.

Fiji’s Audio-Visual industry has created numerous jobs for locals and with a growing industry, the demand for local crews has risen over the years. Numerous efforts have been placed to sustainably maintain our local industry whilst keeping Fijians employed and trying to identify the gaps and opportunities in the industry.

This panel discussion features topics on the importance of learning by doing, the opportunities in the short and long term, and the level of skills available amongst the local crews.

Lailun Khan, a Fijian certified Audio-Visual Agent and Line Producer has over 14 years of experience facilitating and managing film productions in Fiji. Ms. Khan contributed to this panel highlighting areas of interest for new commers to the industry, developments, and strategies to move forward.

We are thankful to Kahaia Pearson, Executive Producer of US Survivor for sharing with us from an international production perspective. Her personal experience watching Fiji’s film industry grow over the years to better serve international productions and her views on the way forward was tremendously insightful.

Featured in this panel discussion are US Survivor Executive Producer Kahaia Pearson; AV Agent and Line Producer Lailun Khan; AV Agent Project Accountant Ritesh Prasad; Local Crew and Locations Manager Lance Millar; Film Fiji’s Chief Executive Officer Ramiro Tenorio; Film Fiji’s Productions and Logistics Executive Jone Robertson; and (former) Film Fiji’s Training & Development Marketing Officer Shamal Singh.

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