For filming purposes, you must first apply to the Film Fiji office for a film permit.

To access the Film Tax Rebate, the Applicant has to write a letter of application to Film Fiji giving information required by Rule 8 and Schedule 1 of the Film Tax Rebate Rules 2004. Submission of a detailed budget and script together with your application is essential.

For F1/F2 incentives, you must apply to Film Fiji for a Provisional Certificate stating that a proposed AVP will, when complete, be a qualifying AVP. An Application Form must be filled out and will include an Application Fee, Script or Synopsis, Budget in FJD, Completion Bond Certificate etc.

Productions that want to film in Fiji but do not wish to access any of the filming incentives must fill in the Application for Filming Permit Form and application must include passport details of cast & crew, flight details and list of filming equipment.

Forms are available for download on this website. Click here