Film Fiji gave budding film-makers and professionals alike, the opportunity to participate in the Film Fiji Mobile Movie Competition!

Film Fiji is the film commission of the Republic of Fiji and is a government statutory body tasked with promoting and developing the audio visual industry in the country.

The Film Fiji Mobile Movie competition is designed to give budding film-makers and professionals an opportunity to make a film on a theme of their choosing while discovering and enhancing their skills as filmmakers.

Budding film-makers and professionals are encouraged to use their creativity and ingenuity while maintaining and practicing safe social distancing.

The Film Fiji Mobile Movie competition will be divided into two categories:

  • Budding Film Makers
    This category is open to budding film-makers who are 18 years old and under.
  • Open Category
    This category is open to experienced film-makers. However, budding film-makers may also participate.

    All entrants who are 18 years old and under must seek permission from their legal guardian, who, upon approval, will sign on their behalf.

    For more information on the competition:

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What can I film with?
You can film with a mobile phone or a tablet. You can use accessories such as a microphone, stabiliser, filters, removable lenses, etc.

Can I use accessories?
Yes, you can use accessories such as microphones, stabilisers, filters, removable lenses, etc.

What should the duration be?
1 minute minimum to 5 minutes maximum, including credits.

Film genre
All audio-visual forms are accepted: fiction, documentary and all genres, too: romance, horror, science-fiction, western, drama, period, thriller, comedy, action, war film, etc., as well as stop-motion, time lapse, etc.

Can I add special effects during editing?

Can I show a brand on-screen?

What kinds of video files do you accept?
MP4 and MOV files, 200MB max.

Calls For Entry:                        Wed 10 Jun
Deadline For Registration:     Fri 26 Jun
Deadline For Submissions:    Fri 17 Jul

1. Registration for the competition implies unreserved express acceptance of these terms and conditions and all their provisions.

2. All entrants under the age of 18 must seek permission from their legal guardian.

3.Videos can be edited on the mobile phones or otherwise. Unedited videos are also accepted. Sound may be recorded using external recording devices and visual effects may be added during post-production.

4.The Video produced by the entrant must be an individual creation. It must have been directed by the entrant him/herself. Any entrant having sent a Video to the Organiser and who is not the creator will have their entry declared null and void.

The entrant is asked to follow the following guidance when making the video:

– Formats: MP4 (H264), MOV, WMV, AVI
– Resolution 16/9: 1280×720 pixels per line or 1920×1080 pixels per line
– 200MB maximum

6. Upon registration, the entrant agrees to adhere to all directives from Government and the Ministry of Health regarding social distancing and other important COVID-19 safety measures.

7.Film Fiji reserves the right to the use of videos submitted for the competition.

8.Film Fiji will only post the finalists on the Film Fiji website and Facebook page. Once loaded, entrants will be unable to request their removal and modification.

9. Any defective registration (incomplete, incorrect, etc.), violating public policy or moral standards, or validated after the deadline, will not be considered, and any incorrect or incomplete identity or details will lead to the    immediate elimination of the entrant.

10. Any entry in breach of these conditions will be regarded as null and void.

1. The soundtrack used is of original and non-copyright music. The entrant will contact the Fiji Performing Rights Association (FPRA) for approval to use local music; should they choose to use copyright music and will not hold Film Fiji responsible should the film be flagged by the copyright owners.

2.The script and synopsis submitted is original and non-copyright;

3.The entries submitted are of original work.

4. Film Fiji and its sponsors reserve the right to use our submitted entries for marketing, promotional and other activities without first seeking the approval of the producer(s);

5. Any other film or part of the film (movies, videos, television commercials and other documentaries) will not be reproduced. It will only be used for inspirational    purposes and will be acknowledged in the film credits.

6. Film Fiji will be fully indemnified against any losses, costs or liability arising from our own actions.

7. The entrant is willing to accept any penalties for non-compliance of the competition rules.

1. The waiver by either party of any default or breach of these Terms & Conditions shall not constitute a waiver of any other or subsequent default or breach.

2. Any amendment to the provisions of the Terms & Conditions may only be done in writing and upon mutual consent between the Parties, provided that such change does not have a major  impact on the expected deliverables and the changes are not as a result of the negligence of the entrant.

1.The services or any part shall not be transferred or assigned by the individual, directly or indirectly, to any person or persons without the written consent of Film Fiji.

1. By virtue of these Terms & Conditions, the entrant may have access to information that is confidential to Film Fiji. Except to the extent authorized by Film Fiji, the entrant agrees not to make such confidential information available for any purpose other than for the implementation of this project.

2. The requirement as to confidentiality shall survive the completion or termination of the project.

These Terms & Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Laws for the time being enforced in Fiji.

The entrant shall assume the risk of any liability arising from its own conduct to the extent permitted by law. Neither party agrees to insure, defend or indemnify the other.

1.The rights and obligations of the entrant are strictly limited to these terms and conditions.
2. Film Fiji reserves the right to accept or reject any entry.
3. The decision of Film Fiji is final and cannot be challenged by the entrant.

Any work produced by the individual in connection with the performance of the assigned responsibilities shall be owned by Film Fiji.

To participate in the Film Fiji Mobile Movie competition, please download the registration form provided below.

Before filling in the form, please note that all entrants under the age of 18 must first seek permission from their legal guardian.

Film Fiji Mobile Movie Registration Form

Please note that all participants may choose from any or a mixture of two or all of the themes listed below:

COVID-19The film must relate to COVID-19.
Support Fijian Made for a Stronger Fiji

Produce a video to raise awareness about the Fijian Made – Buy Fijian Campaign

Share a Fijian Made product that you love and why?

Love Our LocalAll submissions must be aligned to our Love our Locals campaign theme.

Must be creative and original

Must encourage the viewer to experience Fiji
Open ThemeParticipants may make a film on a theme of their choosing.

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