Film Fiji today announced that the hit Emmy Award Winning TV reality show “Survivor” is in Fiji shooting their new season. The production is based in the Mamanuca Islands, with multiple locations being used; highlighting the natural beauty Fiji has to offer.

In revealing the production Attorney General, Hon. Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said “I would like to welcome Survivor back to Fiji on behalf of the Fijian people. It is great to see that a production of this magnitude, with a massive international audience, have faith in our country to deliver the locations and people to make the largest reality show of its type possible”.

The show, which is executive produced by reality show impresario Mark Burnett, host Jeff Probst and Charlie Parsons, first came to Fiji in 2007 and filmed in Vunivutu, Labasa. Survivor Co-Executive Producer, Jesse Jensen said that the shows executive producers were looking for locations with a different look than when they last shot in Fiji. “We came to Fiji last year to look at various locations and found the Mamanuca’s to be the perfect location for the upcoming season. We had a look at every island in the group and knew that it would work. Fiji certainly had every element we were looking for in our show. The support of the Fijian Government and Film Fiji has been wonderful and was one of the main reasons we were confident to bringing the show to Fiji”.

Survivor, which first premiered in 2000, shoots two complete separate competitions, known as cycles, each year. The Mamanuca Islands will be hosting the show for both cycles.

Film Fiji Chairperson, Ms. Shaenaz Voss said the Emmy Award winning show has an average weekly audience of 11.5 million people in the US. “While that is a large number of people  that will be exposed to Fiji, the show is released in many more countries, giving Fiji a world-wide audience. We have seen in the past how productions have boosted tourist numbers arriving into the country, and I know the impact of Survivor will be huge for our tourism sector”.

The island group, which was badly affected by Cyclone Winston, has seen a boost in its economy as well. Film Fiji CEO, Dallas Foon says “This is one of the largest productions Fiji has hosted. There are currently 236 foreign crew members on the ground, and more crucially, more than 300 Fijians are working on the production in various capacities. This is a welcome injection of funds in an area that really needs it”.

Survivor maroons a group of strangers, as one or more tribes, in an isolated location, where they must provide food, water, fire, and shelter for themselves, while competing in challenges to earn either a reward, or immunity from expulsion from the game in the next of the successive votes for elimination. The last two or three survivors face a jury composed of the most recently eliminated players. The jury then interrogates the finalists, and then votes for the winner of the game, the title of Survivor and prize of USD $1m.