The children in this painting reflect the multi-ethnic neighborhood that I have grown up in. The intense warmth of the colours used represents the sun. It is this same sun which shines down upon all of us, giving us life and uniting us all under one sky. I created this piece to illustrate the simple joys of life which anyone can experience if they keep hold of their curiosity and a childlike, carefree spirit.


This painting depicts on the sun as a loving mother where she is holding her children which symbolizes hope, protection and life. As for the children they symbolize the universe, life and freedom. The star that connects with the rainbow refers to the different emotions of life.

What inspired me to do this piece of art is that I have seen a lot great artist that motivate me to be a great artist myself by simply following the inspirations in the world of art.

Although this art work looks simple but it has lots of hidden meaning. The eyes of the sun represent the darkness and the light where she creates her own universe whether it is about negativity or positivity. As for the children the eyes represent all types of emotions and true colours within us humans. The rays represent the wider coverage of a mothers love and care which is beyond infinity and potential which represents encouragement.

The galaxy represents the blessings and the passion of a mother being showered upon her children. This is done without any form of payments or rewards. For the children you can see they are holding their hands up shouting and screaming with joy, happiness and freedom and reaching for the stars. The rainbows represent the different stages of a child’s personality which a mother has to experience and face either it is bad or good.

Moreover, the hands of the motherly sun represents a form of security and protection that the children are always under her care and they feel safe and humble. As for the clouds they keep the children inspired to aim high to the sky and the reason its blank so they can fill in their own different versions of themselves to keep the world at peace.


“Is it time yet?” How much longer do we have to wait?” enquired the little one? “Patience sister, Mother’s nearly awake. Remember to bloom your best for we bloom only once,” replied her sisters.

Slowly, her mother emerged from the ocean, shading the horizon with streaks of dawn. As she ascended to take her place in the limitless sky, her rays blessed the earth and suddenly nature came to life. The little buds blossomed into blooms of red, blue and orange. Songs of birds filled the air as pollinators searched for nectar.

An hour before the mother started to descend, the little one began to cry she knew that the day’s end was imminent and so was her life’s end. The mother heard her cry and spoke softly “You all shone beautifully. Do not cry for you will take my place in the sky when the night comes.”

As the mother disappeared, the sisters wilted but instead of falling down they flew with the wind and blossomed again in the night sky. Before closing her eyes, the mother took in the view of the world above. She smiled as one by one her children came to life, this time igniting the world in the form of stars.


The first thing that comes in almost everyone’s mind when they hear this theme is a relation between a mother and her child or a father and his child. Both the parents are like the sun protecting their child.

However, my art work is somewhat different from this thought. It does show a relationship between a father and his son but the child represents the sun and the father represents the children of the sun. This may seem confusing but it sometimes the reality. Parents may be created to keep their child protected and away from the darkness of the world but even a child can also do the same for his parents.

This artwork basically shows a small boy holding his father’s hand. His father is on his knees, crawling in sorrow. Quite different from the other kids of his age, the child does not care about childhood, shown in the way he threw his teddy bear to help his father up. It feels like the child is ready to give up anything as long as his father is safe, protected and away from the darkness of the world.

On the other hand, the father seems to be sad. And because of this feelings he may have become weak, so weak that he couldn’t handle the pressure so he fell on his knee while trying his best to run away from the darkness of the world.

As a result the son holds his father hand like a parent who teaches his child to walk by holding his hand and pulls him into the brighter side of the world which is filled with happiness and smile. Therefore the theme” children of the sun” is portrayed in my artwork in the way the child protects his father from the darkness, like the sun.


My drawing depicts children looking towards the bright sun, which represents their bright future or their goals that they want to achieve in life. The brown sea depicts the challenges, obstacles, struggle and sacrifice that the children will have to go through and make in order for them to achieve their goal and have a better future.


Before the sun rises, the day begins in a shroud of darkness. A period of time when most people are confused whether the day has ended, or if a new day has begun. The same situation can be applicable in our individual lives as we are constantly questioning ourselves. “Am I nearly done, or is this merely the beginning of something beautiful?”

The moon accompanies the darkness and illuminates it with its hynotic dim glow. Even so, the moon’s light is not bright enough to show the way forward. The darkness shadows bumps and cracks, hides flaws, and leaves us on an uncertain path. During these confusing times, we feel stressed, depressed, suicidal even.

The galaxy painted by marble paint indicates the complex state of mind of the men in the moon, who are uncertain in reaching the sun’s ray.

However, after dawn, the sun rises bringing in refreshing rays of light, with a promise of a better and brighter day ahead. The light overpowers the darkness in the end and everything becomes clear.


My painting signifies the relationship between a mother and father (the sun and the earth).The earth, once a caring and loving mother, gave birth to life itself. Her children filled and populated their new home. The wisest and most intellectual of her children, mankind, decided to use their mother’s resources. She loved them and let them do their bidding.

But as the years passed, mankind forgot about their mother’s needs and exploited almost everything that she had, destroying many of his fellow siblings who populated the earth before. The sun heard of mankind’s disobedience and sought to punish them. But the earth, like all mothers, continued to nurture and protect them.

The father, infuriated, decided to punish the earth as well for her stupidity. The earth, rejected by both her husband, who once cherished and warmed her, and her children, wept. Oceans rose as her tears fell. Her beauty became twisted and she smiles no more. She sends signs to her children, her hands sweep the skies, her feet shake the ground, warning mankind of their father’s wrath. But her cries fall on deaf ears, for mankind has grown cruel and greedy. There is nothing left to do. The earth waits for her children. Finally, she say’s “If they cannot take care of me, I cannot take care of them”


Do you ever feel like something is dragging you down, maybe you’re dying, feeling wrong about yourself, or having that feeling that you just want to give up in life? Don’t let these feelings blow out your only light.

This piece of art signifies a woman taking a walk with her child, while pointing at the brightest star. As can be seen, the woman could be anyone, maybe sick person. But as you can see, the child gives an expression that transforms the mother’s woes into something beautiful.

Thus, your whole life is like an empty book needs to be filled up with stories where you spend precious moments with your family, your siblings, or maybe your own child. And that’s what we always pray for, to pass on the knowledge that you really want to give and pointing them to the brightest star that you want them to reach. Step by Step, together, we can break barriers. Remember, two is better than one, so keep holding on.


This artwork is three hands holding a balloon by a string, surrounded by clouds and stars. The hands represents children of different races, ethnicities, sex, religions and nationalities. The balloon represents both the sun and the dreams of the children and the clouds and stars represent the sky.

Every child has a dream and I believe those who dream are ‘children of the sun’ because when one dreams and goes beyond the sun, a brighter future awaits. The hands holding onto the string show that, in order to achieve our dreams, we must not give up but instead “keep holding on”.

They say “the sky is the limit” but the thing is, “the sky has no limit”. This is represented by the golden “infinity” symbol below the balloon. The balloon floating in the sky shows that anyone can dream just as big as it.


The heavenly beings rejoice. The sun, a yellow ball of fire emerges breathing life too all. The trees sway, the insects buzz, the children applaud.

The sea in its splendor reflects perfection for the new day has begun.

Differences vanishes Turmoil buried Hatred lost as the sun’s rays warms every heart. All races, religion, breathing to one song, a new era, a new day, a new life, a new nation as Children in the Sun.


Amidst all chaos each person tries to find him/herself. So too in my piece scattered thoughts of why we fly haunted the very concept of the task at hand. What appeals to the eye? What shall I capture to depict my intentions? What does my life have to teach others? Through the chaos art was made and in chaos in new appreciation was found. The ways of our fore fathers cannot be forgotten or expunged, for these are the ways that make us who we are. Mother Nature reminds us that we are all children of the sun.


The woman who is reaching for the sun is actually reaching out for hope; she was going to end her life. It makes her feel something she has never felt before, it makes her feel special and unique. When she finds the sun, in a way, she finds herself in the world.

She remembers where she is from and now this light will forever guide her to her next destination. The woman who once had nothing in this world now has everything. She knows now that life should be appreciated more and that life is too short, we should make the most out of it.

As Srinivas Arka said, “whenever you smile you make your stay on earth a celebration”. The woman finds out how precious her life is now on her way home.


My artwork is about reflection. There are 3 points in my artwork:

1. One of the major points is a mirror. The mirror reflects our face. When a baby is born, they grow up with their parents. The children have similar characters, faces, habits with their parents. The parents are like the child’s reflection.

2. The second point is children. The children’s possibilities are infinite.

3. The last point of my artwork is a rainbow. When I think about a rainbow, I think about happiness, comfortable and pure.


My artwork takes an aspiring view of dreams, aspirations and nature through sunset. The rest of the painting is covered in a light blue organic background with shades of red, yellow and white at the sun which appears to be the form of reflection of sun’s ray against the water.

The illusion of water running down the entrance of waterfalls is enhanced by curvy shades of brown. Distinctively blurred visions of water explains the calmness and is soothing for people by the sunset.

The lower part of the painting is an organic shade of red, brown surface. At first look, it appears that people are looking at the sunset but on further review it seems that they are watching people canoeing and those going for a swim. A new dawn brings rising dreams for many filled with hope. As the sunset reminds us of our place in universe.

The painting is an exciting piece to look at, as it exhibits nature with its vibrant colors and captures the imagination of viewers.


Every dawn is a new beginning. The sun has yet again sown the seeds of the renewal into the earth. We live off her power. Just as the sun gives each of us a new chance every dawn, so too must we pass on the light of new beginnings. We have raped these seeds before m they were from our ancestors. Seeds yielding both sweet and bitter fruit.

In this painting, a hand holds a small sprouting plant which symbolizes the fruit of what our ancestors left behind. Another hand supports this hand. In the top left corner there is also a hand and it is about to sow a new and better seed for the future generations.

The painting depicts how a generation of people’s relies nearly entirely on what the past has accumulated for them. Our time is short. As we enter into this world we learn that our knowledge of survival is cumulative, and we must sow the seeds of better beginnings for the generation to come before the sun sets.


By way of psychoanalysis mandala is a symbol in a dream, representing the dreamer’s search for completeness and self-unity. Typical to Hindu and Buddhist symbolism I have bridged the gap between mandala and an affectionate disposition of life.

My piece entitled “Taf Ne as Ta” is derived from the Rotuman language loosely translated as “light of the world”. I choose the Rotuman language for, the language and culture is eroding amidst the vibrant culture and traditions we have amassed here in Fiji. These words amplify the notion that we as children are the light of the world.

The piece completely comprises of mandala patterns that all work in unison to show that we are all children of the sun and in life we are all under this limitless symbol.

The woman represents the sun; its ability to foster life and nature’s beauty. Each element of the piece has a different mandala pattern that in its own, tell of a different story. The intricate parts like the fish, “Iri” (fan), birds and fauna are all parts of Fiji, our identity. The planets, the moon and stars tell of the endless possibilities we as children have to make this world a better place.

All of these tie up with the title “Taf Ne as Ta” and in effect I hope each person who sees my work has a realisation the potential each one has to grow and be the best they can be.


The sun represents hope, warmth, happiness and life. It is the centre of the solar system and plays an important role in balancing the world.

The Girl represents the children of the world and the characteristic of a child. The sun gives out warmth and is a symbol of hope to all the children of the world. After a rainy day or a cold, dark night when the sun rises it brings happiness and freedom.

The green dress represents nature and the earth. The sun is the beginning of all food chains and the life on earth.

The girl is standing on a cliff and a view of the ocean below. Standing on a cliff represents empowering young people into expressing their emotions and seeing themselves in a higher perspective despite the negative thoughts of the world.

The girl’s hair is flying around in the wind represents freedom the rights of child to express his/her feelings and emotions. The girl looks towards the sun for hope as the sun is held responsible for the balance of the universe which is similar to a child seeking refuge in his/her mother’s arms.


As I, Turn Up the Collar on My Favourite Winter Coat
This Wind Is Blowin’ My Mind
I See the Kids in the Street, With Not Enough to Eat
Who Am I, To Be Blind?
Pretending Not To See Their Needs
A summer’s Disregard,
A Broken Bottle Top
And A One Man’s Soul
They Follow Each Other On the Wind Ya’ Know
‘Cause They Got Nowhere to Go
That’s Why I Want You to Know


The radiant colours of the sun’s rays depict the beauty of the sun. The different colours of the ocean represent the importance of the ocean – the biodiversity of the different habits and marine organisms in the ocean that people depend on. The child sitting on the ocean waves portrays how children of the Pacific love to play in the ocean as they bask in the sun’s rays.


In my drawing they are holding hands together, happily talking to each other and walking towards their future. I want to emphasize that not just Europeans are blessed by the sun, all of us are the Sun’s children, and all of us can be blessed by the sun. And also we always say that the children are our future, if the children of each nation /culture can hold hands together, talk to each other in a good way, won’t our future be bright? Won’t our future be so blessed by the sun? Therefore I would like to emphasize and analyze about my drawing: We are all equal from original , we are all been blessed by the sun, if we hold hands together and work together in a good way , our future will be as bright as the sun’s path.


As children of the sun, Pacific Islanders have access to some of the most beautiful vistas earth has to offer. These places are iconic depictions of the sun-drenched beaches and pristine lagoons, the archipelagos which sustain a myriad of aquatic organisms, the serrated mountainous ranges and the far flung islands and islets which may or may not be inhabited.

My art work is a juxtaposition of this idealistic version of the Pacific and the “real” Pacific, which has been infiltrated by the tentacles of the voracious creature that is as elusive and mythical as the sea Kraken: Climate Change. Just as some people believe in the existence of many types of mythical creatures, while just as many people laugh at the idea of their existence, located change has created dissension amongst people of various nations. However, my message is that it is real and it cannot be denied. We are facing the effects already. The encroaching waves of the ocean are slowly becoming a threat rather than a saviour of the people.