Beauty of the Sunset Doreen Taukeinivanua

The motivation behind this painting is from my island home in Vanualevu Cakaudrove in Bucabay. It is a paradise where people would love to visit with its white sandy beach, Blue Ocean for swimming and a very pleasant sunset that sets in the evening. The phenomenon of the sunset makes a magnificent prospect with its colors ranging from red to orange and a mixture of dreamy colors like pink and maroon. Moreover, at special places the trees are added to this painting of Mother Nature looking like guards of the artwork. The sunset is at the logic, from its color.

Books Empower Fardean Farish Ali

Books play a significant role in our life. “When you open a book, you open a new world”. Books shape student’s identities, yet this basic realist is ignored by the present technological era generation. Having books around says “I am the sort of person who values thinking and learning.” Of course, people are more than their books, degrees, careers, relationships or experiences, more than their thoughts, feelings, even bodies. And yet, these all shape how one lives in the world, the kind of person one appears to be, one’s identity. Students should leave college with memories, friends, knowledge, skills and a diploma, and this can be obtained through books. We need to add a library to the list. It will be a memory for students to keep books as students’ bookshelves say much more than their transcripts. For the majority of people, books are part of their everyday life. A book is like a best friend who will never walk away from you. Books are packed with knowledge, insights into a happy life, life lessons, love, fear, prayer and helpful advice. One can read about anything under the sun. Books have been here for centuries and without them today’s knowledge of our past ancestors, cultures and civilisations would have been impossible.

Climate Change Rosi Tora

The theme of my artwork is based on Climate Change. The reason I chose this theme is because Climate Change is real and that our country plays a very important role in leading the COP 23. Each pattern of the carving carries a meaning and different people may have different perspectives of my artwork but this is my description.

The coconut tree represents the beauty of the Pacific Islands. The trunk is a DNA cell which represent life and all living things. Climate Change and Global Warming has brought cyclones, sudden change in weather, rise in sea level and various diseases to our shores. Hence, losing our precious natural resources and homeland.

On the top are factories that pollute the atmosphere. These factories represent the bigger developed countries. Factories make our work easier and quicker to meet the demands of the people but also give out a lot of pollution. The bigger nations may not notice but the Pacific Island countries are very much affected.

The fish skeleton represents those species which are nearing extinction. Many species of creatures are living under the threat of Climate Change. Overfishing is also a major problem and cause of extinction.

The face represents culture, tradition and people from different nations. The face is sinking. Rising sea level has become a major problem in the Pacific (especially in Tuvalu, Kiribati and Nauru) forcing people to move to higher ground or even migrate. The sea in the artwork also represents the disadvantages of technology drowning our culture, tradition and values. Just as sea connects our nations, technology connects many people together. Technology has brought in many problems. People adapt with the culture of tech losing their identity, culture and tradition, history, religion and moral values.

The wind turbines represent renewable energy and many other ways of saving energy. The sun is the main source of energy giving hope, life to earth and is the center of the universe. But with the rise in carbon emission making the ozone layer thinner, the sun appears to be a threat melting glaciers resulting to the rise in sea level and causing diseases like skin cancer.

The hand with the plant represents this generation trying to make a difference in decreasing pollution in Fiji. Clean up campaigns, recycling materials to be reused and environmental awareness in schools and communities have been oragnised to reduce pollution in Fiji. The plant represents a new life. If we work together side by side keeping Fiji clean, saving energy and holding on to our culture and tradition we can the make the world a better place for the future generation.

Eleni Kamil

This piece that I have just completed on water colour pad is a replica of my previous design, but instead I had added bright colors to it and a little more puzzling patterns. I thought about what the others would do and I didn’t want to limit myself with painting, so I hope you like it.

Fearless Ezra Pickering

There are many words to describe Pacific women. Whether it be beautiful, strong, independent or bold – these are all tied to women’s ability to showcase our cultures fearlessly. This is woven deeply into our cultures and indentures.

In this art piece the ornamental lass speaks volumes of transcendent beauty while the native glows like a rare gem. The Pacific Islander gracefully portrays her strong island flair. The intricate mandala surrounding the women represents the complexity of women’s roles and character that revolves around their daily lives. Altogether, the piece is to encompass women’s elegance, intricacy and the melting fusion to the Pacific and ultimately the fearlessness of a woman.

Human Gratitude Preeshal Shivanjali Singh

This art piece describes Mother Earth as a human figure who is being torn apart and tortured by baby like creatures clinging to her. These babies are a negative representation of mankind.

Humans have progressed a hundred-fold since they first came to be on this planet with their discoveries and developing knowledge on its resources. However, with only their benefit in sight, they fail to see the harm caused to Earth. This is shown by the selfishness and delirium in the eyes of the babies who are biting through her flesh. Their touches and bites depict human acts of destruction to the earth by destroying forests polluting lands, oceans and air and ultimately disrupting the planets natural order. This is why the children’s bites and touches appear as poisonous to the mother’s flesh, hence the purplish stains. Pieces of her begin to break off and get scattered as soon as the merciless teeth dig into her skin, showing that our actions are causing our mother to fade away or in other words, are killing her.

Here, Mother Earth like any other mother, loves her children and is trying her hardest to endure the pain by muffling herself to prevent any screams of agony. But like anyone who is in deep suffering such as herself, her eyes and expression tell the tale as she reaches out for help. It shows Mother Earth’s mixed feelings; her wanting help but not asking for it – her love and rejection for mankind both at once.

Mother Earth has fed us, provided for us in countless ways, and is in fact the very foundation of our existence. And for someone who has been aided this much all throughout their existence. It is only natural for them to be grateful. However, looking at this play of lines and colors, one can safely say that humans have a strange way of showing gratitude.

Imagination Amish Chandra

As the dawn broke out for another morning 01/07. I woke up staring in the forest. As the day pass by good adventures discovered, and in that I discovered a lake with beautiful flowers surrounded with it. I looked down in the water and saw two horns; I was lightened by blue lights far alone in the forests. And I am very gorgeous of all the deer. Yes I am a deer.


Lions are known as the king of the jungle. Unlike the other kinds in the world, this king sees his kingdom as an equal and joyful paradise with nothing but peaceful environment. But then realize that all of it is just a meaningless dream. On the left side of the lion’s face, he sees his home burning disruptively down into the ground and left him nothing but tortured sorrow and tear where he can’t bear the thought of losing his peaceful kingdom along with his people.

On the right side of the lion’s face, his eyes sees the silhouette of the other animals that are also near extinction and their silhouette represents their spirit flowing through the hearts of one’s nature between humans and animals. A phenomenon that is pure.

Overall, the other animals on every corner have their own grief towards their own kind and for other species. They feel sad but at the same time, they accept their fate. It’s up to humans to decide how they feel right now because such beauty creatures don’t convey human emotions. Butterflies on the other hand, represents as guardian angels where they guide and lead these feral creatures to their peaceful kingdom with their beloved king where there is no harm and destruction.

Hence, the kingdom of Animalia is a sacred territory where they are our shining stars, part of our universe, part of life, just like we humans are part of and they are not just wild animals that show harm and danger. I want this art piece to remind humans that we shall remember these slowly fading animals, the old and the young generations, we must not forget about them no matter what.

Josese Volavola

My drawing portrays a Kula bird sitting on a tree branch and overlooking at a flowing river. I chose the Kula bird as it depicts the Kula competition which marked its 13th year of competition this year. Kula birds are known for its beauty in nature as it is one of our native birds in Fiji on the verge of being labeled as endangered species.

The different colors on the Kula’s feathers depict the different schools taking part in this year’s competition. It represents their cultures, religious beliefs and most importantly the different raw talents that they have and are looking forward to showcase it to the public in the Kula competitions.

The face of the bird is made from Styrofoam and this has a dimensional effects view on the painting. It represents students from all over Fiji making a stand, not only are they representing their school but they are also representing their community. The birds claws grips tightly on the tree branch for its support, this reminds us that no matter where we go or where we live, we must be strong and take pride of our culture and identity. To conclude, the Kula competition is an annual event that stirs up the young mind, develops their talent and brings young people together.

Love or Longing Krishay Sharma

This painting depicts love and longing for hope. It has no language, no barriers, and no laws. The green color depicts love for the nature by an innocent soul in white. Blue is for our oceans and clear skies with a pinch of sparkles as stars. Black color shows the beauty of night on the hilltops in the shadows of grass. Oh how I love my nature. Red represents pain and agony spilled out by nature. It cries for help……

Let’s not deny it. Pollution, deforestation and land reclamation has got them bad. The shadow of human sits in black. In hope for a brighter and better future. A hope for an amazing environment. An environment that we can all rely and depend on.

A Meaningless Painting Juhee Lee

Painting is space on your own, Therefore nothing is decided so express your thoughts and my space without being bound to anything.

Mordernization Josese Volavola

The canvas depicts the evil side of modernization. The people are weeping over our lost treasure. Modernization has become an integral part of society because it is necessary for the economic development of the people. People are not aware of the consequences of modernization until it starts to impact on their lives adversely. Due to this our traditional society loses their rich culture, identity, resources, flora and fauna and does impact on the environment as a whole.

Moreover, modernization brings in act a lot of changes in terms of development employment, better living standard, new ideas and technologies through which people benefit a lot. On the other hand people have to pay a higher price and suffer in the long run in terms of pollution, environment degradation, loss of culture, loss of flower and fauna. This is the fate of most of the developing countries like Fiji whereby the natural resources and environment are exploited.

Furthermore, with modernization it has led to a change and loss of culture. It has led to the creation of new technologies leading to the conflicts of society. While much can be said for the benefits of modernization, it does threaten tradition and family crafts and practices and may even have a negative impact on economies. Although modernization makes it easier for the people to move to and from cities and the countryside, it facilitates the growth of technology and science; it often comes with a loss of family tradition, such as crafting and selling of homemade goods.

Natural resources such as wood, water and oil are often processed in modernized society and skyscrapers and factories begin to transform the landscape. Environmental problems such as climate change may be experienced in countries like Fiji. It had led to the cutting of trees and forests resulting in the disappearance of the greenery. More problems may arise such as pollution and erosion.

New inventions such as phones, televisions and computers allow people to communicate anywhere on the globe. Contact with foreign cultures, fosters international cooperation, but also result in loss of culture as people begin to adopt the foreign cultures and languages they are exposed to. In conclusion, it is important for people to use the concept of modernization in a constructive manner. People should be aware of the consequences of modernization.

Ritik Kumar

Positive Over Negative Anisa Baleidrokadroka

My art piece is very simple and it was inspired by couple experiences I had but I’ll just keep that confidential. As you can see, there’s a bare tree and that tree represents us as humans. Many times we go through a lot of problems but our problems don’t just come out of the blue therefore there are little gestures which is represented by the bare branches that causes big problems.

If you may ask, yes our problems will and can kill us, how? Suicide but we can’t be going through problems all the time, what do we do? Referring back to the title, we can actually put positive over negative and as you can see, these splashes of bright colours they actually represent the positivity. We don’t only think positive directly to get out of our problems therefore, we should take it as a challenge to face our problem as save us from death.

Quarters of Life Dominika Wati Kitu

Life is never easy when times get tough, people tend to be quiet and shy to express their feelings or thoughts on what’s right for them. In this piece of art, I have painted a collage on why the four elements: FIRE, WATER, EARTH and AIR deliberate a strong meaning relating to our emotional states of life. For instance, the image of a volcano or FIRE, describe the pain that any person suffered in the past and the longing desire that a soul needs in the future. The second image of Air (an angel) in the sky refers to the freedom that is demanded in the times of struggling and the times that one is lost (lonely). WATER portrays how life is going to be, when one is with people who are stereotypical in life and it makes one want to sink to the bottom of the sea, feeling empty. And lastly EARTH for me illustrates beauty and peace in an image of Mother Nature. From here, people desire growth in love and trust thus, they need to be more patient. The greater the patience, the greater are the peace and beauty growing with one.

But as these are bonded, energy (represented as a shell) is created in the middle. The energy to make one feel even stronger than before, stronger when there are ups and downs and even though the images of women are painted in it, one can also imagine oneself being in the picture because that is why the faces are blank (unknown faces can be anyone).

To conclude, the main motive for using the four elements together is because everybody has somebody in life and energy can spark within them when they are with family and friends. So unity is the main purpose in this piece of art. Together we can withstand anything, environmental crises (effects of climate change to the people of Fiji), social crises (women’s and children’s rights) and lastly political crises (upcoming election). The unit of our lives, the pains, the struggles and desires in combination with the energy around and within us and keep us together.

Reflection Jane Cai

My piece simply portrays the idea that people appear to look fine and happy but their hearts are wounded. The doll in the middle of the piece symbolizes people who look alright in appearance. She is being placed on a white chair on the dresser which symbolizes that everyone is just a tiny spot in the world. We are so small compared to the big world. The chair that she is sitting on symbolizes the status she holds in the world.

The doll is well dressed and pretty, however, she is wounded in the reflection of her heart. Her heart is broken and bleeding. Worms are infesting her body, trying to break her down. The white and fine chair she is sitting on turns black in the reflection which symbolizes that her status in the world might not be as good as it appears. The wounds, worms and the strings symbolize the problems she faces, the wills and the judgments of the others that are trying to break her down and control her, just as how people judge us, criticize us, how they try to take control over you. The blue color in the main background symbolizes hope. The red color in the main background symbolizes the difficulties in life. Hope and difficulties exist together. There must be a way out, a hope for the future if there is a difficulty. The black color at the background symbolizes the big unknown world out there.

However, all the things we experience no matter good or bad, all that’s within us and most importantly, ourselves make up our individual worth. The individual worth that lets us shine in the dark and unknown world. I would like to encourage you to always be hopeful no matter what we or you are facing in life and please treat each other nicely as anything we do or say might hurt that person very much because we do not know what they are going through in life.

The Thinking Tree Seungmin Paik

We all own our thinking trees in our mind

The trees take the sun, is watered and sometimes pruned, which looks nice. The tree should not only look nice, but also strong and hard. Otherwise, it will be fallen when a strong wind hit the tree. So we grow the strong tree with experience as nutrients of the tree.

The stem (trunk) of the tree in my painting means the collections of the things experienced. The experiences from reading books, meeting people and all are piled up in the stem. These things are gathered and build up distinct values that will never fall by any problems. I thought we get many ideas and experiences from books. So I expressed the experience that are printed on the mind in the books and bookshelves.

The cloudlike pink leaves and the small world in the tree are ideas evolved from your mind, the dreams you achieved and your possibilities that are based on the strong stem. Maybe the sweet fragrance of fruit leads the small friends to your tree. Also the books between the leaves and the small animals mean the availability of the different kinds of books. From letter to recipe, music book and storybook, there are many different kinds of books.

I colored the tree in pink to make the painting bright. Other colors also might be bright; I used, however the pink for dreamlike atmosphere because it’s the dream tree. The cloudlike leaves are also for dreamlike atmosphere. The sky of background is the time before 1 hour sun set that is good for reading books. The girl in the painting is reading a book under the tree. She can be everyone who is looking at this painting.

Seconds of a Lifetime Elizabeth Nitaka

I based my piece on a Bible verse I kept pondering on at the time I had to choose a theme. The Bible verse “Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8 (A time for everything)” had a deep meaning that gave me a picture of a journey through time. The spiral layout of the piece gave an emphasis on a “cycle”, specifically in this one a “lifetime cycle”.

The faded coloured background gives emphasis on what is being portrayed on the different aspects. The orange faded background represents the rising and setting of the sun as days goes by. The transition to blue represents clear blue skies, calm weather and suddenly as it turns grey there is a sudden change in weather patterns and the beginning of hardships come about. Blue and green represents peace and calmness. The red symbolizes the influence of education on the lives of many and how it has become their weapon to fight back. This eventually leads to the yellow transition which indicates a better life after death.

It starts off with a fetus, which symbolizes the birth of the universe, the world and our culture – shown by the masi designs (Uga, Makare, Qalivanua, Kaso, Su-ni-lolo). The designs eventually start to fade out symbolizing how our culture started to slowly die out due to the influence of explorers. The Drua symbolizes how we sailed with the changes but resulted in the slow sinking of our culture.

The plants symbolize the generations, how they’ve multiplied and with that also declined…. basically portraying the cycle of life.

Then comes the closed eyes, the unity and love we shared and the caged lips. The closed eyes represent how we were always shut out from what the world had to offer, always to do things a certain way and was never given an opportunity to try something different. Our mindsets were fixed. Whereas the unity and love between everyone was strong and pure. Neighbors shared their belongings, they cared for each other, ate together and laughed together. They treated each like brothers.

The caged lips represent how we were always silenced and could only speak if you had a position in society. Stating your own opinion was not a choice. Whether what was said wrong or right, you still had no say. As time changed, with the influence of education, people started to open their eyes and actually see what was out there, reached out and became more than they thought they could actually be in life. They gained new confidence in doing so. Since people have opened their eyes and discovered new ideas, its built disagreements between people and the love that they once had is no more. Now people have come to voice out their problems, voice their concerns and opinions, their rights and freedom, because they have become tired of what has become of our world and concerned of what it will become.

But voicing out came with consequences. These consequences can be seen as wars between nations, people, loved ones and a war between the heart and the mind. These aren’t only physical wars, but also spiritual and mental wars. That is exactly what we could be facing right now. Wars between brothers. The strong ones that fought and voiced out their hearts and others, have now come to live as legends and become guardian angels.

The Tropical Girl Shania Narayan

In the painting titled “The tropical girl, I started to paint with a landscape of a beach in format. Living on a view of a tropical island with palm fringed trees is everyone’s dream. Today idyllic beaches are the main mechanism that drives global tourism. The beach is a benchmark for relaxation that draws people towards it. Beauty has always been the prime subject of paintings and it is no wonder that the natural scenery of the sea appears in paintings which serves more than a purpose than a natural display.

This surrealistic painting uses the vivid bright colours to define the unending grains of golden sand, shimmering blue waters and greenery spread out all around the island with patches of different coloured flowers among the bushes. Coconut trees saying with synchronization, as it were a choreographed dance and the birds chirping away harmoniously to a melody that soothe the ears of a person. The colours of the sky blends with the colours of the scenery.

For the girl, the beach is an excellent form of visual meditation as the vibe in a tropical climate always seems relaxing. The focal point of the painting is the girl enjoying the warm weather and a happy, stress free scenario near a resorts villa. The painting is exciting to look at because of the manner in which it captivates the imagination of the viewers as the beach is the perfect destination for tourists.

True Colors Sonali Erica Nair

This painting portrays the above theme by those uncounted colours all over that person, showing that each person on this planet has a true side, a true side, a true colour hidden from the outside world, just waiting to be unveiled.

Woman of Colour Manisha

My artwork is titled “Woman of Colour” and it depicts the true beauty of a woman which is reflected by her soul. The true essence of a woman’s worth is in the obstacles she has to overcome and the colours used in this artwork signifies the potential of a woman. The black background shows that the woman is surrounded by darkness and are often victims of social ills in the society whereas the yellow represents happiness, energy and horror. Together with this, the silver colour depicts feminine energy whereas the gold represents masculinity. Adding more to that, the dark gold is an intense colour that is associated with stress that is offset by the light gold which encourages the inspiration and activation of spiritual energy. Finally, the dotting technique used consists of contrasting colours which symbolizes the different cultures living parallels to each other.

Art Workshop