Dance Competition

Secondary schools are invited to participate in the Kula Dance Competition by performing a 5-8 minute fusion of song and dance reflecting the cultures of Fiji. The challenge is for schools to create something new and different.

Schools will be awarded prizes in the following categories:

  1. Best Dance Group – Winner
  2. Best Dance Group – First Runner Up
  3. Best Dance Group – Second Runner Up
  4. Commendation Award
  5. Commendation Award
  6. Best Female Dancer – Winner
  7. Best Female Dancer – Runner Up
  8. Best Male Dancer – Winner
  9. Best Male Dancer – Runner Up
  10. Most Popular Dance Group
  11. Best Costume
  12. Best Choreography

Competition Rules

The Dance Competition will be staged in the same format as previously. Schools must produce a dance sequence that is a fusion of Fiji’s multi-cultural society and modern dance forms.

  1. The dance sequence should be between 5 and 8 minutes.
  2. Film Fiji will conduct a workshop on choreography, coordination, make-up etc., to which all participants are required to attend. Film Fiji will provide this information on the seminars directly to participating schools.
  3. All the dances will be performed at the event on 28 July.
  4. Further details on the dance competition will be provided closer to the date.
  5. All schools MUST attend rehearsals before the competition.
  6. An independent panel of judges will judge on competition and the judges’ decision will be final.

Important Dates

  1. Deadline for registration – Monday 26 February
  2. Deadline for the submission of subsidy forms – Wednesday 16 May
  3. Deadline for list of participating students (use Film Fiji template) – Friday 20 July

Deadline for submitting soundtrack – Friday 20 July