Kula Awards

This is the major development program for high schools that runs over 6 months.  It is in its 13th year and is an approved Creative Arts program by the Ministry of Education.  The Kula Awards gives high school students an opportunity to participate in three streams – film, dance and art.  Students are put through a training program and then use their creativity to produce a short film or a dance routine or a piece of art, depending on which stream they participated in.  These are then entered into competition and judged by an expert panel.  The best entries are awarded trophies and cash prizes at a gala awards event that goes over 2 nights.

The program gives students an introduction and a stepping stone into the audio visual industry should they wish to pursue a career in this industry.

Film Fiji’s Vast Social Media Reach

While traditional media is used to create awareness of the event, the real success of the Kula Awards is driven by Film Fiji’s social media strategy. Being able to communicate directly with the audience resulted in massive awareness and a huge turnout on the awards nights. Film Fiji’s Kula Awards Facebook page has over 48,000 followers and in 2018, it recorded 166 posts from March to September which also included 96 videos.

By the end of the Kula Awards campaign, the Film Fiji Facebook page had a total of:


  • 41,049 page views
  • 465, 975 video views
  • 470,328 engagements (likes, comments, shares and clicks)
  • 401,211 audience reach

2019 Kula Awards Production Booklet

To help you prepare for the Kula Awards, Film Fiji has compiled a production booklet that presents participating schools with important information such as judging criteria, important dates to remember, competition rules and copies of the forms that you will need to fill out and submit to Film Fiji.

To get your copy, please click on the link below.

2019 Kula Awards Production Booklet