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Filming In Fiji

Breathtaking Diverse Locations And Great Climate

Fiji has some of the most exotic locations in the world, from idyllic beaches, sand dunes, tropical rainforests, mountains, rivers, waterfalls and rolling hills to city and suburban locations both heritage and modern. It is warm and sunny year-round in Fiji.

Time Saving

Good highways, local roads and regular and reliable ground, water and air transportation allow crews to travel between locations in relatively short time.

Film Anywhere

Licensed Audio Visual Agents will assist with locations. They will facilitate permits and other clearances.

Competitive Wage Rates

The film industry in Fiji is not unionized. Competitive minimum wage rates are in place and hours and terms of employment may be negotiated directly with local crew.

Multilingual And Multi-Cultural Society

The diversity of ethnic groups in Fiji means we have people available locally for crew and junior artist hire. English is the official business language.

Film Equipment

Producers may hire filming equipment from the local production companies. Other heavy filming equipment not available locally may be brought in free of duty provided they are taken back.

Top Class Accomodation and Great Recreational Facilities

On days off, crews have access to many sporting (including water sports) activities, spas and other recreational facilities while enjoying the comforts of some of the best accommodation in the Pacific.

State Of the Art Communications

While filming in some of the most remote and exotic locations, you will remain connected with the world with using the best communications technology that Fiji offers. The Southern Cross Cable landfalls in Suva so internet bandwidth is virtually limitless if need be so you can get your footage to a post-production house offshore without the risk of physically couriering data.

Ready Access To Other Parts Of The World

Fiji has daily international flights from its international airports, making us easily accessible to the rest of the world.

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